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Drudge gives rare interview


Matt Drudge has given his first interview in four years.

He told the British-based satellite broadcaster, Sky TV, that not all bloggers will go the way of the big corporations. “If we are faced with corporations who don’t want to report real news, the Internet will play a very valuable role in the underground, catching real stories that are being spiked,” said Drudge.

Drudge said he reads 20-30 newspapers a day and has 5 PCs on his desk.

His website first came to widespread prominence after it broke the news of the Monica Lewinsky scandal which almost brought down the Clinton administration. “I had to break it because other people wouldn’t,” he told Sky, and, he said, the web could have just as big an impact in the upcoming US elections, since most of the major media still leans to the Left.


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