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The NY Times and the Saudi Gang-rape Victim Story: Better Late than Never


I am glad to say that this important story is finally getting the attention it deserves – it was the top story on CNN for much of this past weekend, for example. But where were the liberal media when this poor woman was first sentenced?

On March 8, shortly after the victim was sentenced to 90 lashes and six months in jail by the despicable regime in Saudi Arabia, I asked why only The Scotsman, Fox News and Arab media were reporting on this horrific punishment, but the supposedly liberal media such as The New York Times and the BBC were totally ignoring it.

Fast forward eight months later and The New York Times has finally mentioned it for the first time. On Nov. 16, they reported the case after her sentence was increased to 200 lashes, and now the rest of the media – many of whom take their cue from the Times – have reported on it. This has led several human rights groups and senior politicians to at last take an interest, thereby apparently making the Saudis put the girl’s lashing on hold.

If people want to gain a fuller picture of the world, I suggest that in future they might not wait for The New York Times to get round to reporting on important events.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia marked its 136th beheading of 2007 yesterday. The total is up considerably on last year, when 38 people were beheaded in the kingdom.


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