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Israeli ambassador to UN: Human Rights Council’s activity “abhorrent”


About time.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman, today slammed the UN Human Rights Council, saying that its “ritualistic and virulent campaign against Israel is abhorrent and intolerable.”

“Countless others suffering around the globe, living under tyrannical rule and oppression and violated by human rights abusers, do not gain this Council’s attention,” he said.

“According to Freedom House, more than half of the Council’s 47 members are considered ‘not-free’ or only ‘partially free’ countries. More importantly and most flagrantly, many of these same countries share a political agenda that precludes the State of Israel, and utterly dismiss our inherent right to live in peace and security in our homeland.”

But Gillerman’s speech at the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York was cut short, after the building’s emergency alarm sounded, and all those present in the Assembly hall were ordered to vacate the premises immediately. The cause of the alarm has yet to be determined, but it is suspected that opponents of Israel deliberately set it off.


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