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Mafia “plotted to whack Giuliani”


From today’s (London) Daily Telegraph:

NY mafia “planned to assassinate Rudy Giuliani”
By Sally Peck and agencies, October 25, 2007

New York mafia bosses plotted to assassinate Rudy Giuliani in 1986, when he was a mob-busting federal prosecutor, according to testimony in the murder trial of a former FBI agent.

Mr Giuliani narrowly escaped death after bosses from the city’s five mafia families voted on a 3-2 margin not to hit the future mayor.

Details of the plot – which never took shape – were given to ex-FBI agent Roy Lindley DeVecchio by the late Gregory Scarpa Sr., an FBI informant known as the Grim Reaper, according to the testimony of FBI agent William Bolinder in Brooklyn supreme court.

DeVecchio, 67, faces life in prison for allegedly arranging at least four killings by leaking information to his own informant.

… In the same year mobsters purportedly discussed the hit, the future Republican presidential candidate indicted the heads of the five families in the celebrated “Commission” trial.


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