Piers Morgan Blames ‘Weak’ Gun Laws for Chicago’s Violence

by Greg Pollowitz

CNN’s Morgan tweeted last night:

Chicago’s supposedly ‘tough’ gun laws are utterly pointless when states around it have weak gun laws. America needs to take federal action.

A few things . . .

One, his statement is false. Most of the guns used in Chicago gun crimes are bought in Illinois. From the Sun-Times last year, “Chicago gangs don’t have to go far to buy guns“:

From 2008 to March 2012, the police successfully traced the ownership of 1,375 guns recovered in crimes in Chicago within a year of their purchase.

Of those guns, 268 were bought at Chuck’s — nearly one in five.

That statistic comes from a groundbreaking study by University of Chicago Crime Lab researchers, done at the request of the Chicago Police Department, which is grappling with an extra-violent 2012 that has seen a 28 percent spike in the city’s homicide total compared to this time last year.

In their study, U. of C. researchers combed through gun-trace data to determine the weapons most likely bought by straw purchasers.

Those are people without criminal records who buy guns for felons — often at a hefty markup.

Fifty-eight percent of those recovered guns were bought in Illinois. About 19 percent were purchased in Indiana, 3 percent in Wisconsin — and less than 2 percent in Mississippi.

Cook County was the source of 45 percent of the guns over that period, according to the crime lab’s study.

And two, if “weak” gun laws cause problems in Chicago, why don’t these same “weak” gun laws cause problems in, say, New York City? 

It’s not the laws that need changing, Piers. It’s the leadership of failed cities like Chicago that refuse to implement policing and prosecutorial reforms that will make a difference.



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