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Iran’s Version Of 9/11


Now available in hardcover. IRNA:

Book-World After September 11
The book ‘World in the Aftermath of September 11′ written by Hossein Ziaei was published by IRNA Department for Research Studies.

According to IRNA Cultural News Service, the book depicts documentary materials and comprehensive analyses about the event from a new perspective.

The Author of the book said that September 11 was a pre-planned scenario to secure the US interests in the power vacuum brought up following collapse of the former Soviet Union and the end of bi-polar world.

He said that four parameters emerged after collapse of the former Soviet Union — ‘The World Without Mentor’, ‘Energy Supply’, ‘Globalization’ and ‘Victory of Liberal Democracy’.

“By engineering the September 11 scenario, the US attempted to forge control over the four topics of concern.”
He said that the scenario also aimed to bring Islam and terrorism together, but, to no avail.

Ziaei said that the US attacked Iraq to secure energy supply which accounts for arising problems of the world community.


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