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NR’s Take on “WWIV”


The “slightly different opinion” of Norman Podhoretz’s WWIV, via Jay Nordlinger today on the homepage:

My own contribution is a review of Norman Podhoretz new book, World War IV. The title gives Podhoretz’s designation for what most people call the War on Terror — or, as he puts it in his subtitle, “The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism.” In Podhoretz’s scheme, the Cold War was World War III, making the current conflict WWIV.

I’m not all that hung up on names — thinking we all know what we’re talking about, regardless — but I buy this.

As you would expect from Podhoretz, World War IV is a superb book. I wish I could thrust it into everybody’s hands. The choir will like it, but it is far more important that the non-choir digest it. If you know anybody who thinks that the Terror War is voluntary or hyped or distractive or whatever — try to get him this book.

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