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“Clinton Donor Appears to Be a Fugitive Again”


The quote above is was the headline from an article on on Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu. The phrase “appears to be” jumps out at the reader because there’s really no doubt that Hsu is a fugitive again.  But, from the time it took me to cut and paste the link to blog it and when I went back to check it, the NY Times had changed the headline to “Clinton Donor Fails To Appear In Court Again.”

Thanks to the wonders of the tubes on the Internets, however, the old headline lives on:

Clinton Donor Appears to Be a Fugitive Again – New York Times
Thursday, September 06, 2007 – 01:33 AM - 2 hours, 7 minutes ago   -  World News Headlines  -  Google News Headlines 
By LESLIE WAYNE and CAROLYN MARSHALL The mystery of Norman Hsu, the wealthy Clinton donor who turned out to be a fugitive from justice, took a bizarre twist yesterday when Mr.

It appears that the NY Times agrees that the wording of their first headline was ridiculous.


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