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Rush on FDT’s Pending Leno Appearance


Rush Limbaugh:

Here’s my problem with it, folks.  This is not settled science with me.  I’m not fully decided on this yet.  I think the office is being devalued, or it stands the possibility of being devalued when it’s announced on an entertainment comedy show type format.  One of the fastest ways to devalue the office of the presidency is to make it part of the pop culture of the day and to make the pop culture of the day relevant and important in selecting a president.  It bothers me.  The pop culture is going to hell in a hand basket.  People like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan go on those shows.  “Well, Rush, he’s gotta reach a lot of average, ordinary Americans.”  I understand that, but there’s a more dignified way of doing this.  Call a press conference, you announce it, you be very serious, explain what you want to do.  I know that running for the office of presidency today, more than ever before, requires somebody telegenic, somebody media savvy.  I know that with the, quote, unquote, average, normal American, that you can go on the Tonight Show or the Letterman show and come off as an average, real guy, that you might vault ahead of the others.  I don’t know.  I’m not totally decided about this, but it is somewhat of a concern for me. (interruption) Yes, I did say that.  Snerdley is reminding me… but see, that works in my favor.  Politics is show biz for the ugly, and show biz for the ugly takes place in Washington.  Show biz for the beautiful people takes place in Hollywood.  


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