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Local Florida Coverage of 2008


The St. Petersburg Times is none to happy with Chairman Dean’s decision to strip Florida of its presidential delegates. Here’s the front page of Sunday’s paper:

Here’s the link to the accompanying article. An excerpt:

At a time when leading Republican candidates already are campaigning feverishly to build Florida support, the Democrats’ surprise move will do nothing to help them ultimately win Florida’s 27 electoral votes in the general election in 2008.

“It is treating the largest swing state in the country in a way that makes it harder for the nominee to win in the fall,” said Democratic pollster Dave Beattie of Jacksonville. “And if Democrats are going to write off Florida, that makes it easier for Republicans to compete in other states.”

The St. Pete Times also introduced a new feature on Sunday called the “Truth-O-Meter.” The truth-o-meter will fact check the candidates as the campaigns progress. First up for truth-o-metering is Rudy Giuliani and his statements on how he lowered crime in NYC. The St. Pete Times finds Giuliani “barely true” in this respect.

The Media Blog media-o-meter finds finds the “barely true” ruling to be “highly laughable.”


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