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The Latest On Scott Beauchamp


Newsweek has a new piece up on active duty soldiers speaking out on the war in Iraq and had this new bit from New Republic editor Franklin Foer:

But the editors have had no contact with Beauchamp in weeks, and efforts to corroborate his work have stalled. His wife, Elspeth Reeve, a fact-checker at the magazine, said his cell phone and laptop had been confiscated; that he is permitted to speak only to her, his mother and a lawyer, and that some calls are supervised. But the Army said Beauchamp has no restrictions on his communications. (Attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.)

The New Republic is waiting to talk to Beauchamp, leaving its critics unchallenged. “It’s maddening,” says editor Franklin Foer. How long can an editor ask readers to wait? “It’s important to try to be thorough … If it takes time, there’s nothing we can do about it.” Army spokesman Lt. Col. Scott Bleichwehl said its inquiry is ongoing at the unit level. Beauchamp can’t be punished for his views, but he faces the possibility of an administrative, or noncriminal, charge if the Army determines he lied in his writings.


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