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ICE Embeds


To fight criticism from the ACLU and immigration advocates, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are inviting reporters on their raids. An excerpt from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Stung by criticism of the way it conducts its enforcement operations, the agency invited reporters along on Tuesday’s operation in the East Bay, a first for Northern California.

“You can see these guys are nice guys,” said Haley of Aiello and his team.

Among the charges leveled by civil rights attorneys and immigrant advocates is that while agents carry warrants for specific individuals who have absconded from deportation, they often sweep up other undocumented immigrants who happen to be at a targeted home or in the area. Such “collateral” arrests have accounted for slightly less than half the people caught by fugitive operations teams in Northern California this year.

Aiello defended the practice. “We have our priorities: national security and criminal cases. But my officers are federal agents; they enforce immigration law. If they see someone, they have to take action,” he said.


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