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“Criminal on criminal”


From that AP link below in the “crime in New Orleans helps our brand” post, there was this bit:

Tourism officials tell prospective visitors that New Orleans is mostly safe and that much of the crime involves “criminal on criminal.”

Unfortuately, that’s a big lie. From Friday’s Times-Picayune:

A brooding man sat on a blue barstool Wednesday at Pal’s Bar, a Mid-City neighborhood joint where, as usual, a dozen or so people drank and swapped stories.

During an 8 p.m. shift change, a bartender told co-owner Linda Novak that the man “gave her the creeps.”

An hour later, the man stood up without a word, whipped out a knife and slashed the stranger next to him. Then he walked methodically toward the door, grabbed a woman, another stranger, and fatally slit her throat.

“It was fingersnap fast,” Novak said. “He slashed, walked a few paces, slashed and left. There was nothing, no emotion.”

The alleged murderer, Erik Traczyk, 35, had apparently just moved to town a month ago, both his roommate and his employer said. He told them he had come from New Jersey. He took a construction job, and boasted to his new co-workers of his military and law enforcement background. But he quickly got fired, after fighting with other employees and threatening to kill one, along with his family.


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