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Huff Po Readers Heart Israel


One of the comments on a recent Huff Po blog post on Joe Lieberman

“Mikeatle – None of this drivel matters. We need to take care of our own nation, not Israel. Zionist or not, Israel should take care of itself and not depend upon help from America all the time.”

…reminded me of one of my favorite P.J. O’Rourke columns titled, “America, Recuse Thyself!” O’Rourke’s bit about Israel always makes me laugh:

One thing to whine about will be the fate of Israel. Without American safeguards that nation is certain to be militarily attacked. To judge by previous Israeli wars, in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982, the result will be serious headaches for Israelis as the Knesset furiously debates the status of Jewish settlements outside Damascus and on the west bank of the Euphrates.

Here’s O’Rourke’s conclusion:

And the best thing about Americans recusing ourselves from global entanglements is that we will be loved again. Imagine a world where American manners and mores set the standard almost everywhere, where American fashions, American ideas and American lifestyles are universally sought out and copied. A world where people avidly listen to American music, eagerly watch American TV and movies, and try to imitate Americans in every way. Imagine a world where the U.S.A. is so admired that people by the millions want nothing more than to come to America and recuse themselves from global entanglements.


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