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El Diario on the Newark Massacre


El Diario editorializes on the illegal immigrant accused of murdering three college kids in Newark:

Jose Carranza, one of those accused of the killings, is reportedly an undocumented immigrant. Conservative, anti-immigrant groups are crying that had Carranza been picked up by immigration authorities, this tragedy would never have happened.

Rather, it appears that a glaring hole in the judicial system might have unleashed a menace in Newark. Carranza already had a slew of charges against him, including for sexual abusing a child and for aggravated assault. Despite this, his bail was reportedly lowered and he was allowed to roam the streets.

Yes. Conservative, anti-immigrant politicians like former Democratic Governor of NJ, Richard Codey:

TRENTON – Senate President Richard J. Codey (D-Essex) today expressed outrage that two of the alleged suspects in last week’s Newark murders were allowed to remain free on previous charges, enabling them to reportedly commit these latest atrocities. Calling these reports “unacceptable,” Sen. Codey asked State Attorney General Anne Milgram to investigate the system that allowed these suspects to continue roaming the streets and later claim the lives of three innocent college students.

Maybe El Diario is advocating for illegal immigrants who are arrested to be deported immediately? Because, that’s what should have happened here, but didn’t.


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