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Here’s how CNN describes the suspect in one of the more heinous crimes to hit the Northeast in at least the past two weeks (the most heinous being the Petit murders in Conn.):

NEWARK, New Jersey (CNN) — An undocumented immigrant pleaded not guilty Friday to murder and related charges in the execution-style slayings of three college students in a schoolyard.

The crime shocked residents of Newark, New Jersey, galvanizing them to express their outrage at the city’s street violence.

Jose Carranza, 28, was formally charged in Essex County Superior Court with murder, attempted murder, robbery and various conspiracy and weapons offenses.

Somehow CNN’s Mr. Undocumented found a way to surrender in person to the mayor of Newark:

Wearing an orange jail jumpsuit, Carranza spoke softly through a translator. He had surrendered Thursday to Mayor Cory A. Booker, who attended the arraignment.

“He knew maybe if he turned himself in to me he would be safer, but my focus was to get him off the streets,” Booker said Friday morning during an appearance on CNN’s “American Morning.”

It gets better…here’s more on Mr. Undocumented:

Carranza had been scheduled to appear in court Monday to answer two previous indictments. One accuses him of sexually assaulting and threatening to kill a 13-year-old, a girlfriend’s child. Another charges him with an array of assault and weapons offenses.

Do you think CNN might ask why the mayor of Newark would accept the personal surrender of an alleged illegal immigrant/murderer/child rapist? I personally think we’re about one or two more totally avoidable crimes away from having 2008 turn from an election on Iraq to one focused on which party is going to step up and start policing our streets again.


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