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Kristof on President Bush


I thought this comment from Nicholas Kristof in today’s Times was worth sharing (Times Select req.):

Frustrated by the genocide he is tolerating in Darfur, President Bush has suggested to aides on occasion that maybe the U.S. should just send troops there.

He alluded to that when he told a woman in Tennessee who asked him about Darfur: “The threshold question was: If there is a problem, why don’t you just go take care of it?” Mr. Bush was talked out of the idea by Condi Rice, who told him that the U.S. just couldn’t start another war in a Muslim country. So, as Mr. Bush told the questioner: “I made the decision not to send U.S. troops unilaterally into Darfur.”

That was the right decision. The Sudanese regime would use our invasion as a rallying cry against infidels and make the crisis harder to resolve.

I don’t want to give the impression that Kirstof has gone pro-Bush or anything like that, because he hasn’t.  Kristof goes on to give the President eleven ideas to help end the crisis, including destroying Sudan’s air force, one plane at a time, every time Sudan attacks a village.


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