Italian Journalist Tells of His Kidnapping Ordeal in Syria

by Greg Pollowitz

He suspects that our allies, the Free Syrian Army, are the ones who sold him out:

An Italian war correspondent held captive by multiple armed groups in Syria has spoken of how he was treated “like an animal”.

Domenico Quirico was freed on Sunday, after being held hostage for five months along with Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin da Prata.

In the pages of his newspaper, La Stampa, the 62-year-old described being subjected to two mock executions.

He said his captors were “mixed-up” men consumed by the pursuit of money.

Mr Quirico entered Syria from Lebanon on 6 April. He disappeared four days later near the city of Qusair – probably betrayed, Mr Quirico said, by members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Over following months he and Mr da Prata were passed from one armed group to another.

I could hear him [my captor] breathing. I knew that he liked to have a man’s life in his hands”

The captives endured long, dangerous journeys that took them halfway across Syria as the battle frontlines shifted and they were forced to decamp.

He finally arrived home in early on Monday morning, after what Italian authorities said were extensive efforts by the Italian foreign ministry and other state agencies.

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