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Hillary’s “Biggest Problem With Women”


Because you can never let a political analyst get through an interview without bringing up either race or gender, Tim Russert has to ask about any advantage Hillary Clinton may have in being the only woman in the Democratic presidential primary race. Chuck Todd responds by pointing out that Hillary is doing well amongst many Democratic women, but lacks support from one significant group: older, white, married women. That group tends to lean toward Obama.


As the Washington Post reported a few days ago, Clinton’s campaign has identified the women she appeals to—mostly lower-class—as “women with needs.” (Todd says that Clinton doesn’t hit 50% with women; the Post reports her as being at 51%.) That group, according to an Obama campaign strategist quoted in the Post, will have to face up against “Obama moms.”  There’s very little discussion from either Russert and Todd or the Post report, however, of exactly why Clinton and Obama appeal to their respective subgroups. Women who like Clinton vote for women, and women who like Obama want to “elevate the issues.” That’s all we need to know, right? But hey—at least we’ve got cute categories! Here’s the Russert/Todd clip:



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