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“Stockholm Syndrome” for the Associated Press in the West Bank?


Can someone explain how the Associated Press managed to come up with the following caption to accompany this photo today?


A Palestinian boy tries to control his donkey in the village of Jabel Mukaber in east Jerusalem, Wednesday, May 9, 2007. The Palestinian economy can’t recover unless Israel dismantles a network of obstacles that has carved up the West Bank into a dozen enclaves and restricted Palestinian access to more than half the territory, the World Bank said in an exceptionally harsh report Wednesday. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

Could it be because Spanish AP photographer Emilio Morenatti is suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”?

After all, he was kidnapped in Gaza by Palestinian terrorists last October, so he better watch his words these days when writing about the Palestinian cause.

At the time of his kidnapping, Associated Press president and chief executive officer Tom Curley in New York issued this statement:

Emilio has spent his career representing the values that AP stands for — truthful, accurate journalism that tells all sides of the story.

Truthful, accurate journalism that tells all sides of the story. Hmmm…


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