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The Guardian Criticizes the Journalists’ Union Decision to Boycott Israel


The Guardian – the newspaper that perhaps done more than any other in the West to demonize the state of Israel in recent years (for example, here comparing the Jewish state to al-Qaeda) – has an editorial today which is surprisingly critical of last week’s decision by the British National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to boycott Israel.

“If it were press freedom in the Middle East that truly concerned delegates, Israel – which has a comparatively open and robust domestic press – would hardly be the obvious starting point,” opines The Guardian in its main editorial today, titled “Neither balanced nor fair.”

The paper continues: “In a statement this week the union’s general secretary, Jeremy Dear, pointedly said that it was open to union members to seek to overturn the decision. They would be well advised to do so.”

So with The Guardian now officially urging the journalists’ union to reverse its decision, we might ask whether it has had a change of heart about Israel?

Most likely, the answer is no. It is merely angry with the fools at the NUJ who have now made it much easier to prove the bias against Israel which we already know exists at so many news outlets – not least, The Guardian.


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