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Guardian Editor Condemns UK Journalists’ Call to Boycott Israel


Following up Saturday’s item “British journalists officially vote to boycott Israeli goods“:


Today Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the (London) Guardian, condemned the British journalists’ resolution. “The Guardian disapproves of these kinds of boycotts and does not think they serve a useful purpose. It was a misguided motion,” he told the Israeli paper, Ha’aretz.


Of course, The Guardian in general and Rusbridger personally, who has previously compared Israel and “apartheid” South Africa, have done more than their fair share to demonize Israel in the UK and beyond. Indeed experts cite The Guardian’s inflammatory coverage of Israel as a central factor lead to the atmosphere that resulted in the journalists’ union vote.


The Jerusalem Post reports that the motion by Britain’s National Union of Journalists is “being ignored by Israel-based UK journalists.”


The union has a membership of nearly 40,000 British journalists, who work in all the leading media outlets in the UK. The last time they made such a politically controversial move was in 1986, when its delegate conference sent a “telegram of condolence” to Colonel Muammar Gadhafi after the U.S. bombing of Libya.


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