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Rosie on VA Tech




The Columbine shootings drove Rosie O’Donnell to depression, but she says she’s “almost numb” to the Virginia Tech attacks.

She’s so discouraged, she said on “The View” that she believes tougher gun control is “impossible.”

O’Donnell has fought for tougher gun control laws for years and once got into a fight with Tom Selleck about it on her old talk show. She now feels it was “a futile attempt” and “there will never be gun control in America.”

O’Donnell says the N-R-A is “organized,” “scary” “they have guns” and, she says, it’s “impossible” to fight them.

What is Rosie insinuating with “they have guns?” Like if there’s a debate in the country on the gun issue the NRA will rise up in revolution?  What nonsense.

UPDATE: Here’s the video:


Note how Rosie also implies that Bush is racist because it only took him a day to visit Va. Tech, as opposed to the week he took to visit New Orleans after Katrina. Also tune in for Joy Behar’s constitutional analysis:

When the founding fathers created the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, which is the right to bear arms, they did not foresee AK-47 rifles, and they did not foresee racist – or maybe they did foresee racist speech because slavery was in effect at that time – they did not foresee slurred speech against individual groups, or this and that.

I’ll have to check with Rick Brookhiser on this, but I’m pretty sure the founding fathers were familiar with slurred speech, particularly Benjamin Franklin.


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