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Opie & Anthony


Just a little reminder to the suits over at CBS radio, this April marks the one year anniversary that “Opie” and “Anthony” were rehired by Viacom, parent company of CBS.  For those who don’t remember, Viacom cancelled the “Opie & Anthony” show after a pair of listeners were caught having sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral during an on the air stunt.

Here’s what CBS had to say about the rehring back in 2006 (Times Select link):

But executives at CBS and XM were quick to portray the deal as mutually beneficial.

’’We think this is a very smart deal for us and a very smart deal for XM,’’ said Joel Hollander, the chairman and chief executive of CBS Radio. ‘’The bottom line is that we want to sell a lot of advertising, and if XM sells some more subscriptions, that’s O.K.’’

If the criminal behavior of “Opie and Anthony” gets rewarded with a brand new show, I wonder what Don Imus is going to get in a few years?


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