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Imus and MSNBC


Don Imus is in a wee bit of trouble for comments he made regarding the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team during his radio show last week. Imus has since apologized, but I found this to be of interest:

At MSNBC, where the radio program is simulcast on television, officials offered Imus no support.

“‘Imus in the Morning’ is not a production of the cable network and is produced by WFAN Radio,” said a statement from the network. “As Imus makes clear every day, his views are not those of MSNBC. We regret that his remarks were aired on MSNBC and apologize for these offensive comments.”

That’s ridiculous. Not only does MSNBC give Imus his own page on, but the Imus show is a regular destination for NBC’s top correspondents. If MSNBC is really so offended, maybe they should forbid NBC employees from appearing on the show as some sort of punishment.


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