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What’s wrong with this description of events from the San Francisco Chronicle?

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – KIMBERLY SHRUM grips a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver and aims at a target 25 yards away.


A hot shell casing hits the floor, joining hundreds of others littering the concrete at Jackson Arms Indoor Shooting Range in South San Francisco.

Shrum centers herself and aims again.

This must be a new model of revolver that ejects a shell casing after each shot rather than the old model of revolver that forces the user to eject the shell casings manually.

But, then again, Ms. Shrum is confused about some terminology of her own:

“I get that rush and power from a Magnum,” said the 36-year-old Millbrae resident. “I’ve taken archery and thrown darts, but shooting is another way to hurl something through the air. But this is just like shooting a paper ball into the trash can. TwoPoints. Air ball.”

I think she means “swish.”

(Via TheTruthLaidBear)


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