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Palestinian Journalists Protest in Gaza


Palestinian journalists protest the kidnapping of BBC reporter Alan Johnston:

On Sunday, Palestinian journalists announced a three-day strike to protest what they called their government’s inadequate response to Johnston’s abduction — the latest in a string of kidnappings of foreigners over the past year.

It marked the third time that Palestinian journalists had stopped work in solidarity with the 44-year-old since his ordeal began.

“Our colleague Alan Johnston’s kidnap is entering its fourth week,” Palestinian Journalists’ Union president Naim Tubasi told AFP. “This makes us think there is a danger to his life and we are very worried.”

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and the Islamist movement Hamas, the majority party in the new unity government, have both condemned the abduction and pledged to work for Johnston’s release.

But Tubasi on Sunday called the government’s response inadequate.

“We hold the Palestinian Authority and the government responsible because up until now they have not made sufficient efforts,” he said.


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