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Two items from the Islamic Republic News Agency.

One, someone in Iran is taking SAT prep courses:

President describes arrogant powers as evanescent
Two, April 1st is “Islamic Republic Day”:
Celebrations marking Islamic Republic Day were held all over the country on Sunday, 12th of Farvardin in the Iranian calendar.

The Iranian nation, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, made the historic and decisive choice of voting for the establishment of an Islamic Republic system in the country in a two-day referendum held in late March 1979.

Over 98.2 percent of Iranians in the referendum voted “yes” to the Islamic Republic form of government, and since then April 1 has been observed every year as Islamic Republic Day.

“Independence, freedom, the Islamic Republic” was the main slogan of the Iranian people during the Revolution.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in a message on the occasion of the advent of the new Iranian year 1386, declared this year’s theme to be “national unity and Islamic solidarity.”

I wonder if the British marines were taken hostage to add an extra propaganda kick to Iran’s annual festivities.


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