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FNC Prepping Gutfeld Show?


Kathryn’s favorite HuffPoster (is that what they’re called?) might be getting his own late-night talk show:

According to a tipster, the program will air at 3am ET, midnight PT. It’s a reincarnation of Wasteland, a series of seven online videos posted on in November and December. In the videos, Greg Gutfeld and his “gang of trendy British bloggers and writers” talked about controversial subjects in a sometimes witty, sometimes cringe-inducing way.

Gutfeld, the former editor of Maxim UK, is one of the few conservative bloggers on HuffPost. He moved back to NYC last week, apparently to host the show.

The tipster says the show is a “weird twist for FNC,” designed to appeal to younger viewers. “Will it do better than reruns of Brit Hume?”

I know at least a few people who will be watching.


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