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Olbermann and Dean Cook Up Cabinet Impeachment Fantasy


While forlornly acknowledging that the new Democratic majority doesn’t have the votes to impeach of President Bush, Keith Olbermann and John Dean comforted themselves with fantasies about impeaching Bush’s cabinet, his advisers and other members of his staff: 


OLBERMANN: The far end of what you’re suggest, obviously, would be impeachment, but the merits of that are at best arguable. I think we can probably both recall an occasion in which impeachment actually bolstered a President’s popularity. But you wrote recently about impeaching not a President or a Vice President, but members of the Cabinet. How would that work? And is it a practical thing?

DEAN: Well, my thought was there are some very serious movements afoot throughout the country, local, working right up to state levels and in regional areas, people are very determined to try to develop an effort and a movement to get Bush and Cheney impeached. It is not going to happen. The Senate, there are not the votes to ever convict even if the House, with a simple majority, sent a bill over. So what occurred to me is there are some very good reasons to look at some of the lower level people. And you can do an impeachment just as easily against the secretary of a department or a senior White House staff person and raise the very issues that these people are privy to as well as a part of what Bush and Cheney have done that may well be high crimes and misdemeanors. This is where they should be focusing. I don’t think they should exclude that possibility. It’s a way to start hearings. It would send a message across the bow of this administration that the Congress is going to look seriously at the kind of conduct they’re conducting.

Notice that Olbermann and Dean never mention anyone specifically, which is why I get the feeling Dean cooked up this idea prior to Don Rumsfeld’s resignation.

(h/t to Brad Wilmouth, and also read Johnny Dollar’s take

Video here.


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