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More Reporters Join


As usual, the Drudge headline sums things up:

ESCAPE FROM PRINT: More Journalists Join Political OnlineNews Venture…

That venture is, a new website about politics that will be headed by former Washington Post national politcs editor John Harris. (Jay Rosen interviewed Harris about the project last week.) The new team members are Bloomberg correspondent Roger Simon and TIME magazine correspondent Mike Allen. Jim VandeHei, a former Washington Post correspondent who will join Harris at the Politico, told the New York Times why they recruited Allen:

“He’s embraced the Web, he’s embraced technology, he goes on television and he breaks news,” Mr. VandeHei said. “That’s where journalism is headed.”

As Rosen and others have pointed out, journalism is already there; what Harris and VandeHei are proposing doesn’t sound all that different from what’s on offer at Slate or the That said, I’m interested to see how they try to distinguish themselves. It’s good that more traditional journalists are starting to get it.


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