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“American Morning” Anchor Hits The Snooze


Being so right about global warming all the time must be hard work:

I went into the hearing expecting it would be more interesting than your typical congressional hearing and wasn’t disappointed. Dr. David Deming, a geophysicist from the University of Oklahoma recount an experience he had with an NPR reporter who hung up on him after he declined to say that he thought global temperature increases were human-caused.

Apparently I was not joined in my assessment of things by CNN anchor Miles O’Brien who fell asleep several during the discussion according to several witnesses. Only a colleague’s nudge prevented the slumbering former science correspondent from missing the entire discussion. One would think that O’Brien could have scared up some more interest considering his ongoing feud with the Inhofe. The two have tangled on O’Brien’s CNN show and both have denounced each other from their respective platforms.

Poor Miles. Stuck listening to global-warming skeptics while Matt Lauer got to hang out with Al Gore.


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