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No Majority For You, Either


In an op-ed in today’s Washington Post titled “No Silent Majority for Bush“, E. J. Dionne Jr. makes the same mistake he’s claiming Republicans are making:

What could prove to be the most important factor in the 2006 elections is overlooked because it is unseen: The Republicans cannot try to curry favor with a “silent majority” that favors the Iraq war because a majority of Americans, both vocal and quiet, have come to see the war as a mistake.

Actually, that’s not true. Like I pointed out in yesterday’s post, the last three Gallup polling periods show a decrease in those that think the Iraq war was a mistake — and, as it applies to Dionne’s op-ed, there’s no majority. It’s an even 49%-49% split.

The media need to stop trumpeting the lowest poll numbers on Bush and Iraq. They’re simply not accurate anymore.


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