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The Pope Should Have Known Better


Media Blog reader Rich B. points us to this Newsweek article, “A Pope’s Holy War.” He writes:

Anyone with a fifth-grade education grasps the many negative historical connotations of the phrase, “holy war.” Everyone with a fifth-grade education and immunity to political correctness gets the contemporary evidence of the true practitioners of “holy war.” I was about to write a clarifying letter to Jon Meacham but I decided instead to burn him in effigy. The Danish cartoons have taught us that this is the way to bring the American media to heel.

In case the title of this article by Jon Meacham, managing editor of Newsweek, weren’t enough, the subtitle makes it even clearer who’s to blame for this “controversy”:

By quoting a 14th-century Christian emperor on an ‘evil and inhuman’ Islam, Benedict XVI ignites a global storm. What was he thinking?

Yes, didn’t the Pope know that even quoting someone else saying bad things about Islam is an offense worthy of beheading?


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