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Stephen Glass Denied Law License in California


You can be an illegal immigrant and practice law in California, but not an undocumented writer? Reuters:

Stephen Glass, one of the most infamous fabricators in modern American journalism, has not demonstrated that he is fit to practice law and should not be admitted to the California bar, the state’s top court ruled.

In a unanimous opinion released on Monday, the California Supreme Court said Glass had not engaged in the kind of exemplary conduct over a long period of time that would make up for his earlier behavior as a journalist.

Glass was a magazine journalism phenomenon in the late 1990s, whose stories appeared in publications including Rolling Stone, Harper’s and The New Republic. Eventually, Glass acknowledged that 42 articles were partially or wholly fabricated, according to a filing prepared by Glass’s lawyers.

A lawyer for Glass, Jon Eisenberg, said Glass “appreciates the court’s consideration of his application and respects the court’s decision.”

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