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Chris Matthews Calls Plame Leak Too Complicated


I wrote yesterday that it was going to take more than one news report to undo three years of hyping the non-story about Joe Wilson and his wife. Last night, Matt Sheffield learned that Chris Matthews won’t be reporting on the Wilson affair much anymore:

Q: [I]sn’t it at least worth showing your viewers that this guy has no credibility considering how much you talked about the story before? Shouldn’t he be held accountable for wasting all our time? Why not invite one of his representatives or defenders on the show?

A: Well, the story’s just gotten so complicated. I mean, it’s just such a mess. Because what if it’s true that Armitage was the source, but those other guys [presumably Rove and Scooter Libby], also were leakers, what then?

This is the same Chris Matthews that has tried to convince his viewers that an indictment of Rove was imminent and went to painstaking lengths (many, many times) to do so. I’m reminded of this clip where Matthews had this laughable exchange with NR’s Kate O’Beirne:

MATTHEWS: If Karl Rove goes, is this a big story?

KOB: If Karl . . .

MATTHEWS: If he’s prosecuted, if he’s indicted, and has to quit?

KOB: I think that’s a very big story. Absolutely.


Now that there isn’t a story, Matthews drops it – not because it’s a non-story, but because it’s too confusing. In reality, it couldn’t be any simpler. Richard Armitage told Robert Novak. Rove confirmed this to Novak. There was no conspiracy to “punish” a Bush critic — only an effort to refute his lies. What’s so “complicated” about that?


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