Nate Silver Hits Back at ‘Hypocritical’ DSCC

by Greg Pollowitz

A few days ago, Silver wrote that his analysis of polling data suggested the “GOP Is Slight Favorite in Race for Senate Control.”

And then the Left went bonkers and turned on Silver. 

Silver answered those critics today with this piece titled,”The DSCC Can’t Have It Both Ways.” An excerpt:

And here’s the least surprising news: Political campaigns are hypocritical. At the same time the DSCC is criticizing our forecasts publicly, it’s sending out email pitches that cite Nate Silver’s “shocking, scary” forecasts to compel Democrats into donating.

You’d do well to shut out the noise the next time the DSCC writes a polling memo.

Actually, Nate, the DSCC does think it can have it both ways. Enjoy the next few months as you’re turned into a Koch Brother tool or something equally inaccurate. 

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