ABC’s Rick Klein Pleads for Transparency on Obamacare Numbers

by Greg Pollowitz

Klein writes:

Here, on this deadline day that may not actually be all that much of a deadline, is a modest proposal: radical transparency starting now. No more selective releases of data, no more implausible claims that the numbers are still being tallied up and therefore can’t be released – until the president needs a fresh figure to liven up a speech. If the media are to judge, truly and honestly, how the new health care law is working, we need the numbers – all of them. That’s the number of enrollees at the federal and all state-level exchanges; the demographic breakdowns, to the extent they are knowable; details of what if any health coverage the new enrollees had before; and information, perhaps scooped up through the insurance companies, about how many new sign-ups are actually paying monthly premiums. Honest coverage demands honest answers to these questions. All involved know there will be plenty of room for politics regardless.

The president is scheduled to speak about Obamacare today around 4:30. Any bets if Klein will get what he wants from the administration?

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