Rep. Vance McAllister Getting Advice from Willie Robertson?

by Greg Pollowitz

Did Rep. McAllister really get advice from the Duck Dynasty star or is he just name-dropping? Via the News Star:

U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister, whose candidacy was bolstered by the endorsements of the “Duck Dynasty” stars, said Willie Robertson told him to focus on his family following this week’s scandal in which the married congressman admitted to an affair with a staffer.

The Robertsons, who operate the Duck Commander company in West Monroe, filmed campaign spots for McAllister during last fall’s election in which the Republican candidate from Swartz pulled off an unlikely upset.

“Willie told me that he was a friend and that I needed to work things out privately,” said McAllister, who said he hasn’t spoken to patriarch Phil Robertson since the scandal broke Monday.

And Robertson’s response when asked:

When contacted by The News-Star, Willie Robertson said he has “no comment at this time” regarding McAllister.

Maybe Willie Robertson should run for Congress instead of McAllister?


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