WaPost on the Ratings Slump of Meet the Press

by Greg Pollowitz

The Post has a piece out today on NBC’s attempt to figure out why David Gregory as host of Meet the Press isn’t meeting expectations. An excerpt:

The main problem: The great-granddaddy of Sunday-morning Beltway blabfests isn’t just not No. 1. It’s No. 3 and in the midst of a three-year slide. During the first three months of this year, the NBC program finished behind perennial rivals “Face the Nation” on CBS and “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” on ABC, despite being helped by two weeks of Winter Olympics hoopla. In the final quarter of last year, viewing among people ages 25 to 54, the preferred group for TV news advertisers, fell to its lowest level ever.

Now I get NBC’s desire for better ratings, but they hired a psychological consultant to help with their evaluation? 

Last year, the network undertook an unusual assessment of the 43-year-old journalist, commissioning a psychological consultant to interview his friends and even his wife. The idea, according to a network spokeswoman, Meghan Pianta, was “to get perspective and insight from people who know him best.” But the research project struck some at NBC as odd, given that Gregory has been employed there for nearly 20 years.

I would love to see a breakdown — if it exists — of how many conservatives stopped watching Meet the Press over the past few years. I don’t watch NBC, and haven’t for years, because of its symbiotic relationship with the Muppets of MSNBC. 

Maybe it’s the NBC suits who didn’t think MSNBC’s liberal-bias would hurt NBC News as a brand who need the psychological evaluation.​


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