Comedian Louis C.K. vs. Common Core

by Greg Pollowitz

Is the Common Core education standard facing its most vocal, and toughest, critic yet? Maybe so.

Louis C.K., whose child is in the third grade at a NYC public school, is not happy with his daughter’s Common Core homework, and he’s taken to Twitter to make his displeasure known:

The comedian uploaded some of the questions that you can view here.

And the media is taking note:

Politico: Louis C.K. Hits Common Core

Jake Tapper, CNN: You seem very passionate about this. Want to come on my show and discuss your issues w CC as a parent?

New Yorker: Louis C.K. Against the Common Core

NY Daily NewsLouis C.K. blasts Common Core, standardized testing in NYC schools 

New York PostLouis C.K. blasts Common Core, standardized tests

Washington PostLouis C.K.: Common Core makes my kids cry

Um, where was this media attention before Louie’s kid had to take a test? It’s good news that Common Core is getting the attention, but why does it take, in Louis C.K.’s words, “a fat, dumb parent” to get the attention of the national media?

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