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TimesWatch Quotes of the Year


TimesWatch has the worst quotes of 2005 from the New York Times. I especially liked this string of beauts from Steve Erlanger:

“Hamas, the Islamic group that combines philanthropy and militancy, confirmed publicly on Saturday that it would take part in Palestinian legislative elections scheduled for July 17, ending a 10-year boycott of the Palestinian Authority.”
– Israel-based reporter Steven Erlanger, March 13.

“[Israeli leader Ariel] Sharon has been handcuffed, too, by a struggle with the more extreme elements of his own party, the right-wing Likud.”
– From Steven Erlanger’s October 14 story. Erlanger does not label the Palestinian anti-terror group Hamas as “extreme,” only elements of the Israeli political party Likud.

“[Palestinian candidate Mahmoud] Abbas, with no heroic history like that of his predecessor as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Yasir Arafat, has been campaigning in Mr. Arafat’s footsteps if not in his clothes.”
– Steven Erlanger reporting from the Gaza Strip, January 6.

Of course, Mediacrity readers know to expect nothing less from the Times’ terrorist-whitewashing polemicist.


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