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The Iraqi Elections


Seems like they went well. One of the most refreshing things about coming to Hong Kong has been the respite from the poisonous political atmosphere of the United States. Sometimes it’s only when you get away that you realize what a nasty, cacophonous din its become. Far away from the American press and the political prism through which it reports on Iraq, the unfiltered facts speak the loudest: Iraqis turned out in enormous numbers to vote in a free election today. The insurgents kept violence to a minimum, knowing there would be strong reprisals if they interfered with the Iraqis’ right to democratic, constitutional government. The U.S. is one step closer to winning the conflict.

The world turns on such events. It makes the Democrats’ political ploys of the past few months seem so small, so trivial. I’m told they’ve been up to their old tricks, even today. I’m just grateful I’m a million miles away from all that, proud to be an American and in awe of the U.S. military and most of all the Iraqi people.


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