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Protesters Clash With Police Outside Convention Center


While I was writing about the small group of protesters who disrupted the meetings going on inside, a much larger group of protesters — as many as 4,000 by some counts, were attacking the police and trying to break through roadblocks to disrupt the meetings in a more fundamental way. So far the Hong Kong police seem up to the challenge.

One more word about the protesters who disrupted the meeting today. As I reported, they were members of NGOs who obtained official credentials to be here and then abused those credentials to disrupt the meeting. I think these individuals — but not all NGO members — should lose their credentials. After the protest, they were passing a press release about their tantrum around the press center. It was all about how the WTO has failed and its time to do away with it. If the whole point of granting NGOs access this year was to allow for a constructive dialogue between NGOs and the WTO, what good does it do to invite NGOs whose position on the WTO is that they want to abolish it? These people belong outside the conference with their radical brethren.


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