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Court Review Is a Setback — Just Not in the Way Bloomberg Thinks


On a quick non-WTO-related note, I couldn’t help but notice this Bloomberg article:

DeLay, Republicans Face Political Setback on Texas Voting Map

Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to review congressional redistricting in Texas is a new setback for Republicans and Representative Tom DeLay, who lost his House leadership post over the issue and now finds the plan he engineered in legal jeopardy.
Notice that the Court hasn’t ruled one way or another on the redistricting plan. It merely agreed to hear a lawsuit questioning its constitutionality. DeLay might be facing a number of setbacks. This, however, is just an excuse for Bloomberg to run yet another article attacking DeLay. So I guess in the sense that it gives the press an excuse to go on the attack, the Court’s decision is a setback for DeLay. Bloomberg just isn’t being honest about why.


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