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Blogging the Ministerial: A View From Inside


I made it to Hong Kong on Saturday night, spent Sunday taking in the city and Monday finding my way around the massive Hong Kong covention center where the sixth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization is taking place. I’ve posted a few things already below, and I’ll have a lot more to come later tonight (tonight for you, that is… it’s midnight here), and Tuesday morning, EST. In the meantime and throughout the week, NRO webmaster and fellow blogger Nathan Goulding will be keeping an eye on media mischief and doing some guest blogging. Nate always has a great take and has helped me with some funny posts before. This way, the Media Blog will still retain a tenuous connection to media-related topics while I chase government officials around the Hong Kong convention center.

Speaking of which, I’ll leave you for now with a few pictures of the set-up. This is where they’ve got the press working:

That’s only half the room, and only a quarter of the space they’ve devoted to press activities. They welcomed us with an orientation in the press conference theater, complete with a dragon show at the end (click for video):

That was followed by a reception. I grabbed a drink and then ducked into the press center to do some blogging:

Don’t tell Kathryn. Tomorrow is the official kick-off of the conference. I’ll be liveblogging the opening ceremonies, even though American readers will probably be asleep. Tomorrow will also be a big day for the protesters, who will do everything they can to shut down the conference. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more updates.


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