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War on Christmas in Hong Kong is Over


I never thought much of the whole “War on Christmas” counteroffensive being waged by Fox News, but in case you’re interested: The War on Christmas in Hong Kong is over. Christmas won.

Everywhere you look it’s not just “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” — it’s straight-up Santa. Right after you get off the Star Ferry from Kowloon you walk into a Santa Claus city. The magic is only slightly tarnished by the WTO protesters with bullhorns chanting something incomprehensible about how free trade is responsible for the avian flu.

It makes sense, because while Christianity is not Hong Kong’s dominant religion, capitalism is. ’Tis the season to shop, shop, shop like oniomaniac on Benzedrine, and Hong Kong doesn’t need Rupert Murdoch’s help to remind you.


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