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Democrat Golden Boy Barack Obama Cautions Against Troop Withdrawal


The media have done a great job of ignoring Joe Lieberman’s recent opposition to his fellow Democrats’ calls for disengagement from Iraq. Now, as Ian Schwartz correctly notes, they’ve got another leading Democrat they have to ignore. From the Chicago Tribune (reg. req.):

In an interview with the Tribune’s editorial board, Obama renewed his opposition to immediately pulling troops from Iraq. A growing number of Democrats and liberal groups have called for a troop withdrawal, while party leaders such as Sens. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York have dismissed such efforts as dangerously misguided.
Obama also had some comments on the debate over pre-war intelligence:

“At one town meeting someone said: ‘Shouldn’t the president be impeached for lying?’” Obama recalled. “And I said, ‘Well, FDR, JFK, LBJ — we have a pretty long list of presidents who maybe were not entirely forthcoming with intelligence information before they went to war, so I’d be cautious against making legal cases against the administration.’”
There’s a hidden dig there — the assumption that the President wasn’t “entirely forthcoming” with intelligence information when everyone in the world had reached the same conclusions about Saddam’s WMDs. But here’s a Democrat golden boy throwing water on two big Democrat talking points. Where’s the coverage?


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