“Mommy Blogger” Arrested For Murdering Son with Salt

by Greg Pollowitz

Horrific. New York Post:

The 26-year-old mother who documented her sickly son’s health struggles on social media was arrested on charges of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, The Journal News reports.

Lacey Spears of Scottsville, Ky., pleaded not guilty to the charges, which follow an investigation into the death of her 5-year-old on son, Garnett, who died in a Westchester County children’s hospital on Jan. 23 from sodium poisoning. Spears is due back in court on July 2.

Authorities suspect the mother poisoned her son with sodium at least twice. On one occasion, Spears secretly pumped sodium into her son’s stomach through a tube inside a private hospital bathroom, Assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd said in court on Tuesday.

“This mother was intentionally feeding her son salt in toxic levels,” he said.

Computer records also show that Spears had turned to the Internet to research what effect salt might have on her son, Lloyd said.

The former Chestnut Ridge, Rockland County, resident surrendered earlier in the day, walking into Westchester County Police Headquarters with her head bowed.

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