The Salon Most-Ridiculous-Story-of-the-Day:
Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Awesome

by Greg Pollowitz

My colleague Charles Cooke recently profiled astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson for National Review, calling him a “fetish and totem of the extraordinarily puffed-up ‘nerd’ culture that has of late started to bloom across the United States.” An adaption of the magazine piece is available for free here.

Anyway, as if to help Charles prove his point, Salon has this up today where Tyson spends about three minutes telling viewers how long a human would last on each “planet” in the solar system without a space suit or any other form of protection. 

As Tyson describes in the video how long one would last not just on the planets of our solar system, but on other objects such as the sun, an asteroid, and the rings of Saturn, Salon’s headline writer has taken quite the liberal definition of “planet.” 

Tyson goes on to say that a human will die on any celestial body in the solar system, other than Earth. Death will be instantaneous, or near instantaneous, except for Mercury where Tyson says you’d last as long as you can hold your breath provided that you exit your spaceship on the exact spot that straddles Mercury’s cold and hot sides and you spin around like a “rotisserie chicken.” And then you would live until you ran out of breath, spinning around in circles. For real. Science!

It’s an incredibly stupid video, but because Tyson is behind it — the totem of the Left’s nerds — it’s supposed to be something enlightening or special.



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